About Us

Minerva Center Foundation's primary goal is to promote and support youth activities that will augment opportunities for social, academic, cultural, emotional and physical growth to assist teens in meeting the basic needs to grow productively into adulthood.

Board of Directors

Minerva Center Foundation's Board of Directors plan strategically with the goal in mind to promote the viability and visibility of the programs of work. With this goal in mind, the Foundation has four major programs of work: Youth Initiatives, Community Outreach/Partnership, Education and Enrichment and Fundraising.

Minverva Center Foundation Board
From left to right: Janice Howard, Jeannette Glenn, Henrietta Nelson, Lisa Hawkins and Sandra Washington. Not pictured: Madie Robinson and Jacqueline Weaver.
  • Jeannette C. Glenn
    Board Chair

  • Madie Robinson
    Board Co-Chair

  • Sandra Washington

  • Jacquelin Weaver
    Assistant Secretary/Treasurer

  • Henrietta P. Nelson

  • Lisa Hawkins
    Executive Director

  • Janice Howard
    Member At Large